Announcement from

There is no easy way to say this.. is closing.

It is a hard decision to take but the action still has to be done.

The website will be closed on 10 October 2014 .

This includes:,, and our mobile application

For our team, is a precious belonging that we carefully build and maintain with all of our heart. Unfortunately, has not attracted large enough audience to sustain itself. The team already tried the best for the past year, but the current condition is too much far apart if compared to the initial goal that we had in mind.

All the functions on the website still work normally until the assigned date, thus you still have the time to download all your pictures from the website.

We are more than grateful to have had the opportunity to be a platform for fashion lovers (including you) to share what they love. It is always sad to say good bye, but we all hope it is for the better. Thank you so much for all your support so far!


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Hello WhatIWear Fashion Bloggers!

Summertime is here!
Along with it, WhatIWear contest is back!
Plus, for you who didn’t know yet, United Nation proclaimed June 8th as World Ocean Day!

So, Summer + Ocean + Fashion = what?
Y’all know the answers right? It’s Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Bikini!
Girls, wear your bikini, Tankini,Trikini, Skirtini, pick one that suits you best.
Boys, of course you’re invited too, wear your best swim briefs, swim jammers or boardshorts.

The one who can bring the spirit of summer till we could feel the sunlight just
 by looking at your picture will get
$200 ASOS VOUCHER! (beach/ocean background is a plus)

Put “WIW SUMMERTIME” as the title of your look

Contest Ends at the end of summer.
Good Luck!


April Contest

Hello WhatIWear Fashion Bloggers!

As Spring come, WhatIWear want to celebrate EASTER with you!

We want to liven up and spread the spirit of easter through the thing we all know and love, Fashion!

Throw your bleak and plain garb, It’s time for color and pattern!

Wear colorful patterned clothes and post on

And put ‘WIW EASTER PARADE‘ as the title of your look

Be vibrant, be vivid, decorate yourself with the most alluring pattern.

May you find our easter egg, $200 ASOS Voucher!

Contest ends at the end of April

Good Luck!


22605-701312-S9DKw8FvijyncuG-Earth Hour Contest

 Hi WhatIWear Fashion Bloggers!

This month, WhatIWear want to spread the awareness of EARTH HOUR

We want to help WhatIWear Fashion Bloggers to show the support to earth hour in a fashionable way!

It’s really simple!

You just need to wear black and post your look on

And put ‘WIW SUPPORT EARTH HOUR‘ as the title of your look

By doing this, WhatIWear will help you to give $100 donation to WWF

and also give you extra $100 ASOS shopping voucher! 🙂

Contest ends at the end of March

Good luck and let’s show our earth some love!