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by: Putri Kartika

There’s a looooot of fashion bloggers in all over the world. But I get my attention on this one lady. She is almost never having the same style in every post on her blog. Do you know who she is? Yes, she is the beautiful RuxandraIoana or better known as the Brussels girl with her blog,



Talking about her blog, yes she never had the same style in each posts on. She said that she has diversity on her blog, and that’s what I see on her blog too.

She loves fashion for sure, but she also has much loves for other things too. If you read her blog, you’ll see many photographs of beautiful places all over the world. Yes, she traveled a lot and she does love it. There are at least thirteen places she ever visited that had reviews on her blog.



Who doesn’t want to visit many beautiful places, especially the fashion icon city, like Milan or Paris? Yeah, I also get a little jealous while reading her blog heheh. But, if she asked where is the most beautiful places she had ever visited to, she will answer it with Emirates (though she said it’s a really hard decision because all the places were so beautiful and they are unique on their on way).

Well, she loves Emirates because she thinks it’s a really amazing place. “You feel there as you’ve traveled at least 10 years in the future and where summer never ends, which is perfect for me because I love warm weather.”



Besides fashion and traveling, she still has one thing she really loves. When I asked her about one thing she cannot live without and the most important thing in her life, she said that are her family, friends, and the memories of the moments spent with them. Such a kind hearted lady, doesn’t she?

On her daily basis, she’s still an ordinary woman who works and has normal life (I mean ‘normal’ besides fashion and traveling). “I’m as well a secretary as my main job, but I feel that blogging is something I would love to do for a living. I feel great that I can share my thoughts, my advices and my personal style.”

“I like to keep my blog interesting and besides the deep love I have for fashion, I thought sharing my travel stories with my readers is a good way to diversify.”

The diversify idea of her blog is very good thing for me. I personally love her blog. Reading her blog, you’ll get a real refreshing because you don’t just get fashion inspirations, but also about traveling, plus you can see many photos of beautiful places, and it also has humor as well.



Like her blog, she also brings the diversify thing with her style. She doesn’t have the main theme or style of her outfits. “I embrace all trends and styles, that I try to personalize adding personal touches to every outfit.”

According to that, she also doesn’t have a real ‘must have item’ for her style. She thinks attitude is the most important thing when you styled your self. “But if you want to take it literally and really name something materialistic very important to me, than that must be the shoes.”

Like other girls, this Romanian girl has a big dream too. She dreamed about going to the big apple, New York City someday, and hopefully soon. We hope that too! Let us know when you’ve visited NYC, ok?

The last, I asked a random question, if she could changing to someone’s body in one day, who it would be. And…..she said it must be Rihanna. “Besides her singer abilities, I really like her style, her appearance, her attitude and the fact that she travels all around the world.” Seems like she really loves travelling, right?

And after all, she had something to say for WhatIWear readers, “Keep posting your personal style photos. The world needs inspiration from you!”

Well, it’s really an honor to have interview with her. Keep posting on your blog, Ruxandra, the world needs inspirations from you too!

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