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art 1 copyKarl Lagerfeld once said, “Fashion is like music: there are so many notes. You need to play around with them. We all have to make our own tune.” When one is speaking about fashion, one cannot be separated from style. In this article, we are talking about Indonesian style. Then there comes a question: What Indonesia Wear? A lot of people care about what they are wearing and care less about what people say. Here we photographed some stylish people in Indonesia (Jakarta) who dare to be different and the most important is, truly inspiring!

We did ask some people whom we thought fashionable to answer the question, and we were very surprised to see the answers! Ethnic, unique and different in one season, seasonal, simple, Indonesian textile related − got enough answers, eh? Well, there is one answer that we couldn’t agree more; seasonal. A girl that we asked said that Indonesians are often affected by the trend which taking over Indonesian market.Yes, they do seem affected by what’s happening now in the market. We know that thing is what the market wants, but sometimes so people just can’t think out of the box on how to wear an ‘it’ item to look different from the others.

There is also one major problem, which makes Indonesians afraid of dressing up: people’s opinion. Most people think that they can’t wear a coat because of Indonesian season, or they can’t wear shorts because of some Indonesians aren’t ‘friendly’ with shorts. So, what’s wrong with all? We don’t need others permission to dress like we want. Fashion is not about what will people say about you, but it’s about how you dress like you are.

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Girls have many options to wear up to go to campus. Focus on the feet, you could wear flat shoes, wedges, stilettos, oxford shoes, gladiators, peep toes, or sneakers to look boyish!

Generally, flats and sneakers have the same principle, both are flexible! They can go simple and casual but still make you stylish if you could mix them with the right outfits. They also can go fabulous for many special occasions, maybe put some glitters or studs to make it blinks.

Flats are good for girls. It makes the impression of feminine and dynamic look. Colorful sneakers are everywhere, the neutral color also. Depends on the situation and mix up your day style.

Boys also wear sneakers, with the shoelace or not. Inspired by many artists and boy bands nowadays, they have some cool sneaker brands. Even a rock star, like Avril Lavigne, ever wears silver sneakers on red carpet. Totally swag! Why not try?

Nowdays people make creations with sneakers and flats. People draw on canvas sneakers, paint it ombre, out some studs or glitters and many more creations on it. People also make jelly flats to make it more comfortable to wear with various stylish models. It seems like sneakers and flats will be an everlasting fashion item.

Sneakers and flats are two important thing a person must have in their closet. It really goes with everything. Its all depend on the way you combine it determines with your own signature style. A pair of shoes is one of the most important thing of a look. Make sure you choose it right. Great shoes will steal people attention. So, what will be your attention stealer? Sneakers? Or Flats? Make your choice. May the best stealer win.


Week 4

Photo Collage: Hara & Kevin

Article: Adinda, Sandy & Dresiani

Editor: Ferally, Kartika & Lia



We already know that fashion inspirations are not only coming from female figures. As you realize nowadays there are so many male figures that stand out to be fashion inspirations. Public figures such as Adam Levine or Zac Efron are pretty famous not just because of their talents, but also their fashion sense. Not to mention some well-known male fashion-bloggers such as Brian Sacawa (He Spoke Style), Sean Santiago (Fruit Punch), Mike Quyen (Quyen Mike), you name it. The idea of men being stylist feels familiar now.

This time, WhatIWear is sharing some ideas with you, our male readers, on how to dress up stylishly for casual occasions. We did find some male spotties who successfully showed us that men can be stylish by just wearing such simple outfits.

First, tee and shirt. Grab your plain tee, slouchy one, right fitting one or even ethnic-patterned tee, for a simple look. Wearing a button up shirt for a semi-formal and ready-to-go look is not a bad idea as well. You can either choose the plain or plaid shirt to give another look. As we see in the pictures, spotties tend to use an outerwear to cover up their tee/shirt, and yes, there also some other options like wearing denim jacket or cardigan over your tee.

Second, the pants, you can wear denim as your pants (favorite!), and add a bit of a twist, by rolling your long/short pants up, some spotties did it, which looked great by the way. But wait, chino pants are definitely not out of the option, especially with its colorful options such as khaki, maroon, or green.

Next, shoes. For casual look, men can wear black sneakers, high-top sneakers, or even boots to look a bit on the edgy side. What about accessories? Most men like to wear simple accessories like wide framed glasses, watch, and bracelets. Snapback, cap, beanie and other head accessories would definitely look awesome.

That’s it for Men in Style ideas. We see that men have many choices to dress up. So, for our male readers, we’re looking forward to seeing your stylish look soon!

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Autumn Vibe in Two SeasonCountry Campus Look

Hello All,

My Name is Karizza Rakmavika. I’m Law Student who really like about fashion and that why right now I’m one of intern in What I Wear.  One of task for intern is Style Spotter. Every week I have to search about 30 stylish persons and take their photo then upload it to What I Wear.

And doing this task makes me realize that differences of season don’t delimit fashion influences. You Don’t believe me? Let’s me prove it to you!   I live in Indonesia. In my country only have two season, such as  dry season and rainy season. So in our country, we don’t have such as  Summer, Spring,  Autumn, and Winter.  But since October and this month, November, a lot of people including the students, wear tartan and plaid Shirt for daily look. As you know, tartan and plain are one popular trend in this season, Autumn 2013.

And this fact make me search about what big ‘in’ for autumn 2013.

For the trend color:

  • Red as you can see in Nini Ricci and Oscar de la Renta collection;
  • Blue as you can see in Missoni, Michael Kors, and Milly collection;
  • Brown and  cream as you can see in Rachel Zoe, Hermes, and Derek Lam collection;
  • Pink as you can see in RoksandaIlincic and Celine collection;
  • Grey as you can see in Hermes and Stella McCartney collection;
  • Classic black and white as you can see in Derek Lam and Carolina Herrera.


For the trendstyle :

  • Feathers as you can see in Guccy, Dries Van Noten, and ProenzaSchouler collections.
  • Tight high boots as you can see in Chanel. PrabaGurung, AltuZarra collections.
  • Firm Shoulderas you can see in Alexander Wang, Kenzo, ThierryMugler collections.
  • Grunge Style as you can see in Saint Laurent, Versace, and Givenchy collections.
  • Maxi as you can see in Carven, Stella McCartney, and Rochas collections.
  • Train and pants  as you can see in Jason Wu, Vera Wong, and Antonio Berardi collections. 
  • Leopard as you can see in Tom Ford, Moschino Cheap and chic, also Burberry Prorsum collections.
  • Tartan and Plaid as you can see in Celine, Sacal, and Stella McCartney collections.
  • Floral as you can see in Louis Vuitton, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rochas collections.


Then H&M magazine for autumn 2013 also wrote down some popular style in autumn 2013, there are Glam style which involve luxurious coat, slinky dresses and sparkly material ;Art attack stylewhich involve pop art material, cartoon graphic, and Mondrian style color blocking; Country Escapewhich involve rustic color and easy cuts; reel Style which look back style in 40s, 50s, also 60s style; Black and Gold; Tomboy Spirit; and Sporty Spice.

And …  Tralaa…,

autumn vibe 1


autumn vibe 2


as you can see, our fashionable Indonesian Student daily campus look get  influence by those autumn trend. Maybe not such high fashion trend as  feathers or high tight boots, but something more simpler as you can see in first row of photos.

So, I prove you that differences of season don’t delimit fashion influences.

Collage: Nabila  Sajidah

Photos: Karizza Rakmavika; Ario e Wicaksono; KhistinaRuth ;FilaniOlyvia