Hello WhatIWear Fashion Bloggers!

Let’s celebrate this month of love together!



 Find someone to be your partner in this contest (doesn’t have to be the opposite sex)

Both of you must be a member of WhatIWear.com

(You can find someone from WhatIWear.com and ask them to be your partner, or find your friend and ask them to sign up)

Plan a couple themed outfit with your contest partner and upload your individual picture on WhatIWear.com

Put the hashtag #WIWVDAYCONTEST as well as your partner’s look URL in the description box of your look

If you have instagram also share your picture on instagram with hashtag #WIWVDAYCONTEST


Winner will be chosen by WhatIWear team

The lucky couple will get $200 ASOS voucher to shop together ;)

Contest ends at the end of February.

Spread the love ! ❤